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  • Robert's story

    You helped Robert see that his life had purpose

    For eight years, Robert proudly served as a United States Army reservist. When he was ready to make his transition back to civilian life he found a few snags in his plan. Read how you changed the course for Robert.

  • Peggy's Story

    You opened the door just when Peggy needed it most

    Peggy, a true friend to all she meets, needed a safe and affordable place to stay and you answered her prayers.

  • Vickie's Story

    You gave Vickie a chance to belong and find acceptance

    Her entire life, Vickie never felt like she belonged, but finding home at Partridge Creek Senior Village changed all of that.

  • Nate's Story

    You restored dignity and gave Nate a place to call home

    Army Veteran, Nate Horton, found himself sleeping on the streets with nowhere to go and you gave him shelter and a new start.