Nate’s Story

You restored dignity and gave Nate a place to call home

You might recognize Nate if you’ve ever been in our stores or have seen our thrift truck out on the road. 

Nate’s journey to come home has been long and uphill. From 1979 until 1985, he served in the United States Army. After he left the service, Nate found work as a mail carrier, started a relationship, and welcomed the birth of his daughter.

He was working as hard as he could to support his family, but it was never enough. Every day when Nate came home from work, he was told that he wasn’t enough of a man. He knew he needed to get out of that relationship, even if it meant he was left in the cold. He felt suffocated and had to leave.

For weeks Nate was sleeping in his car and living on the streets. In his time of need, a friend referred him to the Detroit Veterans Housing Program. After a few months, he found a place of his own.

Nate finally had found a place to live, but the emptiness of it was overwhelming. He was using a milk crate for a night stand and layers of blankets on the floor for a bed. As a surprise Nate, and to thank him for his service, a team of Gardner White designers and movers worked together to fill Nate’s new apartment.

When Nate saw his fully furnished apartment, he couldn’t contain his emotions. His bare apartment had been transformed into a home. For the first time in a long time, Nate had dignity and hope for his future. Because of your support, Nate has the first home he can call his own.

Want to hear Nate’s story from him?

YOU can give veterans like Nate safety and warm meals right now!

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