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  • Emily Kearns

    Operations Support Specialist

    Learn about our Operations Support Specialist, Emily Kearns

  • Willie's Story

    You helped Willie feel welcome at Oak Village.

    Willie feels welcome at Oak Village and Volunteers of America Michigan. Through United Way SE Michigan for Wrap Around Support, Mr. Jones is able to build a sense of community at Volunteers of America Michigan Oak Village Square (OVS).

  • Marcus's Story

    You gave Marcus the hope and stability he needed

    Marcus served 26 years in the United States Army as a sergeant. When Marcus found himself homeless he turned to the VA for help and found Volunteers of America Michigan.

  • Gary Conley

    Healthcare Navigator for SSVF East

    Learn about our Healthcare Navigator for our Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program!

  • Mary Linder

    Data and Compliance Manager

    Learn about our Data and Compliance Manager, Mary Linder.

  • Cresencio Castillo Jr.

    Employee Highlight: Cresencio Castillo Jr.

  • Pamela's story

    You gave Pamela a safe place to land

    After 25 years, Pamela found the courage to leave an abusive marriage. That's when you gave her a safe place to land and heal. Because of you, Pamela is thriving and able to inspire others to do the same.

  • Kyle's Story

    You gave Kyle shelter during a global pandemic

    When Kyle, United States Army Veteran, became homeless due to the coronavirus pandemic, YOU gave him shelter and a safe space to land. YOU supplied meals and gave him the resources he needed to get back on his feet.

  • Margaret's Story

    You gave Margaret independence and a second chance at family

    Margaret, after being evicted from her home, diagnosed with Dementia in her 50's, and having nowhere to turn, needed you and you didn't let her down. You supplied Margaret with a place to call home, and a community that truly accepted her.