Van’s Story

You reminded Van that his life is worth living

Van was eager to join the Army as soon as he turned 18. He bravely served our country for over six years. During his service, he trained and was stationed across the United States. He was deployed all over the world and was sent to not only various countries, but also to various continents. 

Van served his country honorably and with dignity.

After his service, Van moved back home to Detroit to be closer to his family and his aging grandmother. Moving back home was stressful and Van found it difficult to adjust back to his civilian life.

Van has fought with substance abuse, has had mental health struggles, a divorce, and has been learning how to trust. He lost sight of the fact that he had value. He forgot that he was worthy of love and attempted to end his life on multiple occasions.

Suicide is all too common amongst veterans that are struggling to adjust to civilian life. 

At times, Van has wondered, “Am I worth going through the effort? Should I stop now?”

In addition to these struggles, Van is currently homeless and is receiving help from our Detroit Veterans Housing Program. Your support is allowing Van to have three meals a day and safe place to lay his head every night.

With all of the barriers Van is already facing, worrying about staying healthy and safe doesn’t have to be one.

YOU can help homeless veterans like Van right now!

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