Representative Cynthia A. Johnson celebrates Julia Tayor’s 100th birthday

The pandemic has been challenging and isolating for many senior citizens, but YOU have risen to the challenge to help them stay safe and thrive! Last year, you gave the gift of safety, dignity, community, and affordable housing to more than 800 seniors.

Ms. Julia Taylor is one of those seniors who is thriving thanks to your support. In March, Julia, a resident of Oak Village, turned 100 years old! 99 just wouldn’t do it for me,” joked Julia who found home at Oak Village a few years ago after retiring from her job as a nurse’s aide. She calls Oak Village her “second Heaven on Earth” and loves that she can keep going to the same church she’s belonged to for 50 years!

We celebrated with balloons, decorations, cake, and cookies, and went all-out to make Julia’s day as special as she is. Residents were invited to join in on a birthday parade and received goodie bags and treats. Some beloved friends from church came to celebrate with her, too. State Representative, Cynthia A. Johnson, even issued a special tribute in honor of the occasion signed by the Governor and Lt. Governor.

Representative Johnson even came in person to present the tribute to Julia. Julia smiled so big and felt so special.

All of this is a powerful example of what YOUR support provides for seniors! Thanks to you, seniors like Julia can have a safe place to live. They can be part of a vibrant community that cherishes them. Because of YOU, they know they are not alone.

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