Margaret’s Story

You gave Margaret independence and a second chance at family

Margaret found herself in a place she never imagined. In her 50’s, she was diagnosed with dementia, and had no support system. Before Margaret was properly diagnosed, she struggled remembering every routine tasks, like paying her rent. Margaret was evicted from her apartment and had nowhere to go.

That’s when her doctor suggested she begin living in a nursing home. While she was there, Margaret was able to get her dementia under control and wanted to have her independence back.

For Margaret, it was important to find a place where she fit in. She felt like a burden to her family and wanted to find a home where she felt like a part of the community. 

That’s when she found Delta River Senior Village and decided to apply. After moving into her very own apartment, she quickly realized her neighbors were more than neighbors, they had become family. After one of her neighbors who had become such a good friend of hers, passed away, she volunteered to adopt his cat, Ms. Oreo. It was the perfect match.

Now that Margaret has found her independence and her second family, she is able to enjoy her life like never before. 

Thank you for giving Margaret a safe space and new chance at life.

“I love everything about Delta River. When my friends know I have a problem, they pray for me. I wanted to get out on my own, and this is the perfect place for it.”

– Margaret C., Delta River Senior Village Resident

YOU can help seniors like Margaret right now!

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