Dorothy’s Story


Dorothy, Senior at Buena Vista Senior Community Volunteers of America Michigan standing in front of a book case, smiling.

Dorothy Perkins has been a resident of Volunteers of America Michigan Buena Vista Senior Community since day one. She watched the facility build from the ground up. When her husband passed away in early 2005, she didn’t want to burden her children to take care of her. Once she discovered the community in 2007, she was thankful that she qualified for independent residency.

Dorothy was excited to meet the staff during the open house and felt peace when she was greeted with kindness. I’d give everyone the thumbs up here because it’s really nice. You don’t have to bother anybody, just be friends. I have a nice time with everybody.” Dorothy has spent the last 16 years at Buena Vista surrounded by friends and taking part in residential activities. Her favorite spot at Buena Vista is the Library Nook. Dorothy prides herself on reading every book.

If she isn’t busy reading a novel for book club or playing BINGO with other residents, you can find Dorothy traveling to visit her grandchildren. “I got loads of grandchildren. A lot of great grands and a lot of great great grandchildren. I’ve been a grandmother five times.” Dorothy is close to her family, and it was important to them to know that she would be well cared for after her husband passed away.

Dorothy’s family can feel relieved knowing that she has built a wonderful community at Buena Vista. “Everybody gets together to form community. I like it here; I really love it. I’m so thankful I am here.”

 Thank you for your continued support in allowing people like Dorothy to live in a beautiful community surrounded by family and friends. You allow hundreds of families to find peace in our residential communities every year.

Dorothy | Senior Resident | Buena Vista Senior Community | Saginaw, Michigan

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