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One of the most devastating consequences of homelessness is the impact it has on a child’s education. Thousands of children living in homelessness in Michigan would return to school each year without the school supplies they need on Day One, looking and feeling different from their classmates if not for Volunteers of America Michigan’s Operation Backpack®.

Since 2009, Operation Backpack® has been providing Michigan’s most vulnerable children with new backpacks brimming with grade-appropriate school supplies in time for the first day of school. Volunteers of America Michigan’s goal this year is to serve 10,000 children, and we need your help to succeed.

Operation Backpack® puts the backpacks in the children’s hands before they go to school, so that on Day One they look and feel more like their classmates and less like a “homeless kid.” We partner with the local Intermediate School District (ISD) to ensure that all children in need receive their supplies needed to succeed.

Everything is new. These children almost never have new things– clothing is second hand, toys and books are scarce, food is what parents can afford on a strictly limited budget. However, all the supplies are new, backpacks are good quality, and they vary in color and design.

Eligible children are those in the homeless education program provided by their local Intermediate School District (ISD). With this partnership, we ensure that these are the children most critically in need.

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The success of Operation Backpack® is 100% dependent on support from the community. “Success” is measured by whether or not we are able to provide a full backpack to children in need in time for the first day of school. Simply put, Operation Backpack® could not exist without the generosity of those who live in, work in, or otherwise care about Michigan. From financial sponsors and major in-kind donors to companies and individuals who hold drives and raise funds on our behalf, this effort makes a critical difference in the lives of our most vulnerable students.

Thank you.

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Phone: (248) 945-0101, extension 1113