Anthony’s Story

You gave Anthony the resources he needed and a second chance

Anthony, a United States Army veteran, came from a family of military service. He grew up on the East Side of Detroit with his parents and seven siblings. His father was a World War II Veteran and two of his brothers proudly served in Vietnam. He looked up to them and joined the Army himself. It was hard for him when his brothers came back from Vietnam, Anthony could hardly stand watching them get spit on and treated so poorly after they risked their lives for their country.

After his service, Anthony came back to Michigan and moved around a lot, switching from job to job, anything he could to support himself. Like his brothers, Anthony struggled with undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). So, he did what he could to make the pain and trauma go away.

For years, Anthony struggled to stay sober because the world around him felt like too much. When he took steps to get clean, Anthony found himself with nowhere to go, in the middle of a Michigan winter. He went from shelter to shelter, looking for resources. He was trying his best, but still he was left feeling alone with no help. He wondered if it was worth all the trouble, and contemplated committing suicide.

That is when Anthony found the Detroit Veteran’s Housing Program. 

“Since I have been here, everyone has bent over backwards to help me. They didn’t judge me. This place has been a blessing. Sometimes, you just need to catch a break, and quit running.”

– Anthony M., United States Army Veteran

Anthony finally found the resources he was searching for. He has a safe place to land, warm meals to eat, and a support system to help him get back on his feet. Anthony has even been able to mend relationships and regain trust with his daughter.

Thank you for giving Anthony a second chance at life.

YOU can help homeless veterans like Anthony right now!

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