Volunteer Spotlight: Andre

Andre has got to be one of the most unassuming, humble men you’ll ever meet. His easy-going demeanor and smile immediately make you feel like he’s your best friend.
His positivity is absolutely contagious.

One of our Detroit Veteran Housing Program volunteers, you will find Andre in the Call Sam Kitchen nearly every Tuesday evening at dinner time. Whether it’s helping prepare the food, serving it to the residents or cleaning up afterward, he will be doing it with a smile on his face.
A former reservist for 7 years, Andre has a natural connection to the residents, and especially loves talking with them and forming a real connection so they feel seen.

A few years ago, Andre was looking into opportunities to volunteer, but especially in his hometown of Detroit. He was able to find the right opportunity at the Call Sam Kitchen. That has expanded to include special projects with a team from his employer, DTE.

Andre rounded up a group of helpers from DTE to clean up the grounds and do some landscaping. A team of employees pulled weeds, trimmed bushes and spread mulch and hosted a BBQ for our residents. Not one to seek glory, Andre claims all he did was put out a simple invitation to help.
He just has that natural charisma that motivates others, and VOA is happy to be the recipient of that help.

Andre’s desire to help others is felt at DTE as well, where he is an electrical maintenance journeyman. He helps tutor others for the program, especially the difficult math test, and thinks that vets are a perfect fit for it. And he’s passionate about getting under-represented persons in the program as well.

He believes anyone can find their calling, or something that will fill their soul, just by being patient and keep seeking it out. There’s an opportunity for everyone to volunteer and feel as fulfilled as he does if they just try.

We’re so glad Andre did!

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