Thrift Stores

You're not just hanging up clothes. You're changing lives.

At our Thrift Stores, bargains are only part of the deal. Yes, seasoned thrifters know every trip to the store can be a treasure hunt. And we offer quality goods for pennies on the dollar, helping people keep their budgets under control. At the same time, any profits from the Thrift Stores go right back into the social services here in Michigan. And those same social service programs turn to the Thrift Stores with vouchers so people and families working on recovery can set up their household. Every Thrift Store, and its support network, creates employment opportunities, from entry-level retail work to management. And while you're saving a buck, you can save the planet: Thrift Stores put goods back to use rather than sending them to the landfill. To all the shoppers and donors out there, we thank you!