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Jonathan gave six years of his life to defend our freedom as a soldier in the United States Army. When he returned to civilian life, he became a father and a successful real estate businessman.

That was until the housing market crashed in 2008 and took his livelihood down with it. When tenants stopped paying rent, and families stopped purchasing homes, he found himself in a great amount of debt. The thought of letting his family down brought so much stress that he began to experience serious health issues. When a doctor prescribed him opioid medication, his drug addiction began.

Jonathan was without hope, and eventually without a home.

Thanks to people like you, Jonathan was able to find housing and turn his life around. Jonathan has overcome his addiction and taken charge of his life again with the support he received at our Detroit Veterans Housing Program.

Each and every day, Volunteers of America Michigan encounters veterans from all walks of life in need of help. You are the reason their lives are changing.

There remains a lot of work to do, of course, but please: Take a minute to savor this moment. Be encouraged by what you got done. It is real, and it is meaningful.

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