Helping Michigan's Most Vulnerable

Giving thanks for giving back

The daughter of Romanian immigrants, Virginia speaks fluent Romanian. Over the past two decades, she has sponsored numerous refugees from Romania and assisted them in integrating into America. She even learned sign language for a deaf refugee. With her family grown, she started making the rosaries as a way to occupy her time and to continue giving back.

Virginia supplies her finished rosaries to The Rosary Makers of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Lansing, who send them overseas. Rosary Makers has operated for 50 years and has sent out more than 1 million rosaries to countries around the world.

At the presentation at Volunteers of America Michigan gave Virginia a letter of thanks. The contents of that letter were personal, but the public certificate reads as follows:

A Certificate of Appreciation for Virginia Grecu,
For giving of her time and talents for the homeless and needy,
providing the spiritual comfort of Holy Rosaries,
created with her own hands and with the dedication of her own heart

With her dedication on behalf of others, Virginia Grecu serves as a great example of what it means to give back. We're grateful to count her among the VOA Family.