Helping Michigan's Most Vulnerable

Hundreds of rosaries

The knotted rosaries she creates are designed to be more practical for service men and women than the traditional beads used to count the prayers that make up The Rosary, a primarily Catholic series of prayers.

The main difference is the Armed Forces Holy Rosaries do not include beads, but are fabricated entirely from cord, different colors for each branch of service.

"They (colors) don't bleed and you can wash them," she explained. The cord does not attract heat or make noise, unlike beads, so service people can wear the rosaries under their uniforms.

Virginia provides the rosaries because they offer more than symbolic help.

"If you believe in God, it is helpful to the soldiers. It is an inspiration to people," she said. The packets she assembles include a military prayer, instructions how to use the rosary, St. Augustine's Prayer to the Holy Spirit and other prayers. The rosaries bring peace even in the bleakest of times for the soldiers, Virginia said.

Virginia attends St. James Catholic Church in Mason, and gives her rosaries to anybody who wants them.

"They all love it. They say, 'Oh my gosh, did you make it?' There are some non-Catholics that even love it," she said.

Her son-in-law said, "There are Grecu rosaries all over town."

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