Friday Feature: Kim Hughes

Fast track to service
Kim's story

Your name: Kim Hughes

Your role at Volunteers of America Michigan: Construction and Maintenance Manager

What brought you to this position? Prior to working here as an employee, I worked for JD Building Services and was a sub-contractor for Volunteers of America Michigan. I became very familiar with Volunteers of America Michigan’s goals and missions as an organization. I worked on many projects, from framing at PACE, helping build the Detroit Veterans Housing facility (I recall cleaning it out as an old warehouse where they sold trophies, medals, cups and made t-shirts), lots of concrete work and painting around the shelters. I helped build the dental clinic, medical clinic, and so much more over the 8-10 years prior to being a Volunteers of America Michigan employee. So, when the day came that I was offered a position, I gladly said YES. Since I was already so familiar with all the different locations and needs, I knew the challenge and change was right up my alley. I knew from the beginning Volunteers of America Michigan had some of the best employees. Their hearts are huge and their mission for helping others is stronger than what meets the eye!

What is your biggest takeaway from working with Volunteers of America Michigan? Helping others. I also really enjoy fixing things and building things.

Where is your dream vacation spot? A beautiful island! Not a lot of people, but enough space to enjoy it with some family and friends. Fishing, hunting, driving ATV’s and relaxing!

How do you spend your time outside of the office? I am a racecar driver. I started racing 17 years ago and have loved it ever since. I have never missed a racing season since I started. Winning several championships and working hard on and off the track to succeed in my personal life is big for me! When I am not at work, you will find me at home in my shop with my dog and my racecar, still working. Any weekend during the summer I’m at some racetrack throughout the Midwest racing! When I’m not racing I enjoy hanging out with my family, catching up and playing cards. Living the Dream!