Friday Feature: Ed Watson

"I decided that I would be a good fit for the organization because of my love for cars."

Ed Watson

Car enthusiast
Ed's story

Your name: Edward E. Watson

Your role at Volunteers of America Michigan: Auto Auction lot attendant and high low driver.

What brought you to this position? One morning I was reading the newspaper and saw that Volunteers of America was hiring. I decided that I would be a good fit for the organization because of my love for cars. I got an on-spot interview and I started right away. I have worked for Volunteers of America Michigan in various departments for about 13 years. I started out in the Enterprise Department working in the auction lot. I helped out as a thrift truck driver for about two years before returning to Enterprise.

What is your biggest takeaway from working with Volunteers of America Michigan? My biggest takeaway is all the variety of donations we receive. Besides the normal cars, boats, and Rvs, we can see some off the wall donations like a vintage fire truck, a few ambulances, and recently we just took in a 1973 Volkswagen Thing.

What is your biggest challenge in this position? Losing my best friends, our guard dogs. Also, dealing with all the ladies in the office, HaHa!

Where is your dream vacation spot? My hometown Ontario, Canada.

What is your favorite book? I don’t read books. I am an avid reader of "Hot Rod" magazines

How do you spend your time outside of the office? Spending time with my grandkid and working on my street rod.

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