Cummins Inc. donates bicycles & helmets to children in Battle Creek

We want to thank Cummins, Inc. for their recent donation of 50 new bicycles, complete with helmets and locks, to our Liberty Commons Townhomes & Apartments, an affordable housing community. The donated bicycles are a result of Cummins’ build-a-bike employee volunteer event, where over 50 employees worked together to assemble each bike by hand.

The joy from the recipients of this gift has been heartwarming. One parent expressed their appreciation, saying, "Thank you. You guys are awesome. Thank you for blessing the community." These thoughts and more were voiced by many others who were deeply touched by Cummins, Inc.'s kindness.

As we approach the end of the school year and the arrival of summer, the timing of this donation couldn't be more perfect. Parents and children alike have recognized the value of these bicycles as a means of staying active during unstructured summer days. One parent pointed out, "Riding their bikes will help them burn energy," highlighting the practical benefits these bicycles bring to the recipients' lives.

This donation has opened doors to new experiences and adventures. The bikes have sparked joy in the children, giving them a chance for outdoor exploration. During the giveaway, children could be seen racing each other around the sidewalk paths enjoying their new bikes. With Cummins, Inc.'s support, children can have fun, stay active, and create lasting memories in the great outdoors.

We are so grateful to Cummins, Inc. for their generosity. Through this act of kindness, they have demonstrated the great impact that a company can have on the well-being of a community and the lives of its residents. A Liberty Commons resident summed up her feelings about the bike giveaway event perfectly when she said, “I appreciate it. There are still good people in the world.”