COVID-19 Resilience Fund

Please act quick so those who depend on these critical services can stay safe!

Did you know that right now, your gift of $19 for COVID-19 can make DOUBLE THE IMPACT?! We have started a COVID-19 Resilience Fund and all gifts will be matched up to $20,000.

We will get to the point...

We are in an unprecedented time, and none of us know how long this pandemic will last. We are continuing to be committed to ensuring that homeless veterans, poor seniors, and families have access to safe housing, food to eat, and to know that they are still cared for.

We have created The COVID-19 Resilience Fund to best support those in our community. It is our goal to build resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to Governor Whitmer’s Stay Home, Stay Safe order we had to close all of our thrift stores. This is devastating to our operations to serve the community. The closures, although required for public safety, have hurt us badly. Our thrift stores provide $20k in support each day for life changing programs. We also had to make the decision to close our auto sales program to ensure the health of employees and customers alike.

The loss of this revenue has threatened the work in the community supporting seniors, veterans, and our neighbors. We know that the coronavirus is hurting people that were already struggling even more.

To put it simply, our seniors and homeless veterans are running out of food.

They have little to no income. They’re in desperate need of your help. Now more than ever before, seniors might have to decide if they buy food or pay for their prescriptions. Veterans that are homeless are having an even harder time finding a job. This virus is devastating the income and livelihood of our neighbors.

Covid_20Resilience_20Fund_20320x231_20image_20for_20website_20C.jpg You can make sure Sharon and the staff at Heritage Park Senior Village are as safe as possible during this pandemic.

Will you make a gift of $19 to the COVID-19 Resilience Fund to impact a life and give resilience for a neighbor in need?

In response to this crisis we are answering in the following ways:

  • We have created an emergency food pantry at each of our senior housing locations. You can send food and necessary supplies safely by visiting Neighbors in Need.
  • Extra supplies such as masks, soap, and hand sanitizer are being purchased for all of our locations. It is vital to ensure the safety of clients as well as staff.
  • Veterans at our homeless shelter in Detroit are no longer able to eat meals together like a family in the cafeteria. Instead, they now eat in their rooms to promote social distancing.
  • Our staff that are working on the front lines, and continuing to ensure that families, seniors, and veterans are supported have been given hero pay increases.
  • All staff that are able to work at home are doing so to keep their social distance and to do their part to stop the spread.
  • All volunteer events continue to be canceled for the health of our volunteers and their families.
  • A prayer chain has been started to pray for our neighbors in the community. You can add your prayer requests by clicking here

COVID-19 has hit us hard as an agency. We weren’t able to budget for the extra cleaning and protection supplies that are needed. With the closure of the thrift stores and auto sales suspended things are tough. There are no funds in our budget to meet this unexpected need. But today, your gift of $19 can provide instant relief and safety.

Your gift will provide emergency funds to support veterans, seniors, and families across the State of Michigan. You can give food to poor seniors. You can make sure that a veteran has a place to rest their head tonight. You can save someone from being homeless and on the streets.

You can be the answer to their prayer.

“On behalf of VOA, I want to let you know that we want everyone to stay home and stay safe so that hopefully we may return to some sort of normalcy sooner rather than later. However, for right now, I’m hoping that virtually we can come together and support those who need it most. Our seniors and veterans need access to food just as much as they need to stay home. You can help ensure that all of these needs are met. I hope you will join us.”

Alex Brodrick, President and CEO
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*Your gift is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. All gifts received are used where most needed to help care for people in need.