Board of Directors


  • Michael Barry

    Chairman of the Board

    Director, PFM Asset Management

  • Seth Crawford

    Vice Chair

    Enterprise Vice President of Underwriting, Emblem Health

  • John Jagels


    Group Manager, Commercial Lending, Huntington Bank

  • Vanassa Owens-Warren


    Retired RN, Chief of Business Practice, US Air Force Reserves

  • Aubrey Macfarlane


    Volunteers of America Michigan, Inc.


  • Katie Costello

  • Carol Goll

    Retired Urban Renewal Specialist

  • Don McCann

    Retired, Independent IT Consultant

  • Ralph J. Marcus

    President, Marcus Management

  • Eddie McDonald

    Consultant, EFM & Associates LLC

  • Laval Perry

    Operations Manager, Detroit Medical Dental Center

  • Chip Rohde, Jr.

    President, Arthur J. Rohde & Co.

  • Kate Sandretto

    Marketing Director, Sam Bernstein Law Firm, PLLC