Auto Donations and Sales

Reliable transportation is crucial to independence: Keeping a job, getting the kids to school, even heading to the grocery store. Volunteers of America Michigan auto sales and donation program help fill that need from several points. Tax-deductible auto donations keep our sales lot full and help fund our programs. Affordable vehicles and financing options help our customers stay on the go. Read on to find out more.

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    Help people by donating your vehicle

    Nobody makes it easier to donate your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV. We can schedule pickup in minutes, and we'll send you the paperwork to process your tax deduction.

    Donate your vehicle
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    Find your ride at our lot

    We sell quality vehicles at affordable prices. We're open six days a week and hold periodic public auctions on Saturdays.

    Check our inventory
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    On-site financing

    We now offer "buy here, pay here" financing at rates lower than other dealers. You can fill out a pre-approval application online.

    Financing information